Thursday, 2 September 2010

Medium of Art

I am by no means an 'arty' type person take example numero one... I went to the tate and wasn't exactly blown away. At one time I did try my hand at photography and applied to art school where I was kindly... rejected. So! I am not a photgrapher (see below) but I do love photography.

Mmm cooking skill blur

Scrummy cinnamon veggie side dish

Just one photo can sum up a lot and can remind you of wonderful memories and are something I really cherish. While clearing the attic recently I have came across an abundance of photographs and they bring out a whole host of emotions. Therefore I am going to have to say photography would be my chosen medium of art.

And for dessert?

flickr friends?


  1. Love that you've listed Gilmore Girls in your favourite television shows (on your sidebar). I really like it but haven't found anyone else that has ever heard of it!

  2. Its such a great show! I cried when it ended!