Thursday, 4 March 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Firstly I am overwhelmed by all the lovely emails, comments and support I have received from my wonderful friends and readers. Thank you so much :)

Busy week as per usual y'know the usual swimming, ballet, studying, running, appointments, shopping and occasionally... sleeping! 

These are the lovely daffodils my mother bought me! They are very pretty aren't they? I am a little worried in case I jinx this but... its been dry for 4 days now! No snow, rain, sleet, general miserable weather! It is rather cold but I am enjoying this little spell of nicer weather. Is Spring now here? I hope so!

I have an early Spin class tomorrow so I am going to cut this short and fall into bed with my electric blanket. Bliss!



  1. The flowers are lovely. And I am ready for spring too!

  2. It had better bloody be spring now!

    I hope we get to enjoy a lazy sunshine day together.

    You are wonderful.

  3. Ooo hello Arielle :) (you have such a pretty name btw)

    I can't wait to spend a day together too missy xxx