Sunday, 28 February 2010

More time in a day please?!

I have no idea how you blogger people manage to update everyday! I can barely find time to update once a week!

I have been finding things really hard lately and I am struggling to keep on top of things but what is new?! WELL I'll tell you what is new... my running shoes!

Eeee! pretty in pink and super comfortable. I got fitted in store for them a few weeks back but they only had them in bloo and because I'm an OCD freak I wanted my trainers to match the rest of my running gear so I waited patiently for them to arrive. Darcy liked them too...

Sorry my mistake...

It was the box he was after! I also got a Nike running band to track my time and distance...

If you plan on getting one of these... don't bother! The dye came off on my arm after one run and the screen became slightly blotched despite it being a crisp dry day. I mean I broke a sweat but but I didn't over exert myself to the point that the band should start failing on me! In my opinion its naff (oh my I haven't used that term in a long time) anyway I returned it to the store within 24 hours of purchase. Time to start saving for a garmin or if anyone is feeling generous y'know make sure its in pink to colour co-ordinate with the above. Hehe

I'm rather sleepeh so I will leave this post here for just now. 

Night folks