Saturday, 13 February 2010

Blender fun

Yesterday I got a new toy for the kitchen! I have traded my old hand blender for a proper real type blender which cost less than £10 ;) I love a bargain I do! I am very much looking forward to making strawberry and nana smoothies this weekend.  Mmm!

Oh yeah early happy valentines! clinton card cash in

Neigh! I don't have a secret lover... the card is from my little sister :)

Forget Valentines I have a whole host of other things to keep me occupied! Namely the swimming pool followed closely by the stationary bike which has had to replace the number one in my life... the treadmill. Sad times! I have messed up my ankle from over training and using that damned machine. I am looking to get back outside running next week and will stick to softer grounds so I do not aggravate the injury that has thankfully almost fully recovered. Its been a tough time sticking to low impact exercise and I have complete runners envy. Any runner I see while out & about I feel so annoyed and disheartened that I am not able. Running really helps clear my head and make me feel like I've had a proper workout. Such is life as they say!

Exercise aside I am also set to see my little sister Chloe for cinema times and a night out of dancing which I am thoroughly looking forward to. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and have some Valentines love from me ♥


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