Tuesday, 5 October 2010


At the weekend I met my sister for Rumble in the Jumble ! The event was organised by Arlene, Angela and Lynn and they did a great job. It was a really lovely day and I always enjoy my time with Chloe :)

Sundays are not ussually restful for me and are jam packed full of classes, running, gym and swimming. I managed to curb it for the day! Minus the mid afternoon need for a little walk. I intended resting for the day because I had been feeling poorly and the anemia is in fully swing again D: but the drive to do something took over and I did go out running pre outing. At least I wasn't pushing to the limit the entire day! It made me realise that I can take a few hours off to do other things but also the reality that I am using exercise as a means of distraction. Distraction from life in general but also from the stack of ailments that are currently mounting. Despite the fact I was doing very little the majority of Sunday I felt sore, cold and exhausted. It was like everything I have been doing caught up and was like 'hey there'! When I'm working out I reckon I just go into a zone and block out any signals that my body is sending out. Whereas if sit down for just a moment I find out that I perhaps need to ease up a little. Its so hard though and I just feel compelled to keep going all the time! I feel pretty repetitive and I'm sure all this is rather boring to hear... 

I shall move onto brighter things :) Heres a peak at some of the goodies I took home... halloween cupcakes made by Angela, chocolate scented candles and a cute pink telephone!

I have an early appointment in the morning and I'm chilly so off to cuddle a hot water bottle like a right old lady. 


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